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3415 Sepulveda

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On-Site Amenities

On-Site Amenities Include:

  • Fitness Center
    • 3415 Sepulveda offers its tenants a modern Fitness Center with lockers and showers, equipped with the latest workout equipment and yoga studio. To sign up for the fitness center, visit H3Fitness on the building app homepage. If you would like a tour of the Fitness Center prior to joining, please call the Management Office to schedule at (310) 397-1200.
    • Fitness Center Sign Up Instructions
  • Tenant Lounge
    • Tenants are free to use the tenant lounge located on the ground floor. The ultramodern lounge space provides visitors and tenants alike the flexibility to work outside of their normal working offices and still be creative and productive.
  • Conference Rooms
    • There are 2 conference rooms located on the ground floor, offering a small conference room that seats 8 people or a larger conference room that seats 16 people. These modern conference rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Wi-Fi, and teleconferencing abilities providing tenants the flexibility of hosting meetings outside of their suites for a reasonable hourly rate. The large conference room can be combined with the tenant lounge at an additional cost to create a large event space.
  • Outdoor Courtyard and Patio
    • 3415 Sepulveda offers its tenants and visitors a newly renovated outdoor courtyard complete with new landscaping, patio tables and chairs.
  • Onsite Car Wash & Detailing
    • Tenants are offered convenient on-site car wash and detailing services located on B1 of the lower parking garage for a reasonable price. Services include either a basic wash or a deluxe wash and detailing services such as leather/upholstery cleaning, dash detailing, odor elimination, tire treatment, etc.
  • EV Charging Station
    • The building has two ChargePoint EV charging stations located on P1 of the parking structure garage as part of the Green Building initiative. Vehicles are given a 1 hour grace period to be moved after the charge is complete before a $10 per hour fee is incurred.

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On-Site Amenities