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3415 Sepulveda

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Access System

3415 Sepulveda is accessible to tenants via mobile access/access card at all times.

The Building is equipped with access card readers at all building entrances, amenity doors, four (4) passenger elevators, and one freight/service elevator.

Mobile access/access cards are not required to enter the building during business hours. The elevators and amenity spaces require mobile access/access cards for entry 24/7.

All Visitors to the building must check-in with Security prior to being given access to the tenant floors.

The building parking garage and structure is locked and only accessible to tenants with a valid access or by pulling a ticket and pre-paying the ticket at the parking kiosk before exiting.


Visitors may be escorted in by tenants after-hours but must sign in and out at the security console. If there are any problems, security may be contacted using the parking arm intercoms or by calling (310) 391-7533.

For information on how to obtain an access card, please refer to the Building Access Card section in the Tenant Handbook.

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